I’m from a medical facility in need of PPE. How do I make a request?

Use the info here: PPE Requests

I’m from an organization (academic/industry lab etc) that wants to donate PPE. How do I donate?

Use the info here: PPE Donations

How will the donation transfer happen?

Donors will be directed to a list of medical facilities accepting donations along with instructions on the type of donations accepted and drop off procedures. If there are none close to you, you can fill a form here and our volunteers will try to find you a place close to you and be in touch.

I would like to volunteer for this initiative. How can I help?

Our team merged with other initiatives primarily GetUsPPE.org Please check out their website for volunteer opportunities.

I’m an individual who would like to make a donation of premade/standard PPE supplies. How can I help?

Please head to our donation page: PPE Donations

I’m a supplier wanting to sell PPE. How can I help?

We are focusing on providing donations to hospitals and unable to direct you to hospitals for sales.

I’m a maker wanting to donate homemade/DIY masks or other PPE. How can I donate those?

Our friends at Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies / GetsPPE are addressing this here