I’m from a medical facility in need of PPE. How do I make a request?

Use the info here: PPE Requests

I’m from an organization (academic/industry lab etc) that wants to donate PPE. How do I donate?

Use the info here: PPE Donations

How will the donation transfer happen?

Donors will be directed to a list of medical facilities accepting donations along with instructions on the type of donations accepted and drop off procedures. If there are none close to you, you can fill a form here and our volunteers will try to find you a place close to you and be in touch.

I would like to volunteer for this initiative. How can I help?

We’re looking for volunteers to reach out to relevant labs and companies for donations. We are also looking for volunteers to manually match donors that are unable to find medical facilities accepting donations near them with hospitals in need.

Email us at ppelink2020@gmail.com to volunteer

I’m an individual who would like to make a donation of premade/standard PPE supplies. How can I help?

Please head to our donation page: PPE Donations

I’m a supplier wanting to sell PPE. How can I help?

We are focusing on providing donations to hospitals and unable to direct you to hospitals for sales.

I’m a maker wanting to donate homemade/DIY masks or other PPE. How can I donate those?

Currently we’re matching standard PPE supplies to hospitals.

Unfortunately we are unable to except homemade supplies.

However, our friends at Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies / GetsPPE are addressing this here